Praise for Landed Japan

“Dillon’s book is so good that while reading it, I felt like I was an adult in a toy store: Envious of the stuff kids have now that I would have loved to have as a kid. If only I had the information in this book when I was building my house in the 1990s, I wouldn’t have ended up with the financial albatross I have now! Landed is an essential resource for anyone considering buying the most expensive consumer good in one of the most expensive (and tricky) housing markets in the world. It’s even a good read!”

Arudou Debito

Author of Embedded Racism: Japan’s Visible Minorities and Racial Discrimination

Landed Japan not only answers the key questions and considerations for foreigners looking to buy, but also provides helpful examples of expats who've overcome the risks and obstacles. As Japan becomes a more popular destination for foreign buyers, Landed Japanis an indispensable resource.”

Christopher Petersen

Managing Director, Asia, PEI Media

“When I bought a home in Tokyo in 2015, Landed Japan saved me time, money and effort. The second edition of Landed Japan is a major update, with information about Airbnb, the Olympics and dozens of other risks and opportunities. Read this book before you talk to a real estate agent.”

Jay Bailey


“As an Airbnb Superhost, Landed Japan has been an indispensable resource that empowered me to purchase two investment properties in Tokyo, both of which earn respectable yields. The second edition of Landed has new information about choosing the best location given Japan’s changing demographics. It also covers opportunities surrounding the latest megaprojects, Airbnb and short-term rentals. If you're excited about what the Japanese property market has to offer, this is truly an outstanding book that reads so well you'll have trouble putting it down.”

Eric Anderson

Las Vegas, Nevada

“A must-read, not just for those considering buying a property in Japan, but also for individuals who are already homeowners, those who may be interested in refinancing, and there’s even something to be learned by long-term residents who are renting. For those sourcing for non-owner-occupied properties and/or investment ideas including passive equity deployment, be sure to review Landed's mini-section entitled ‘Other Opportunities.’”

Steven Towns

Uguisu Research, LLC

“An excellent work with impressive references. Finally, all the information you need in one place.”

Erik Oskamp

President, Akasaka Real Estate

“If you are seriously considering making a property purchase in Japan, buy this book.”

Japan Economy News

“This is not a dry text book, but a very interesting way to learn about how to make money in Japanese real estate.”

Mark Pink

TMJ Finance

“As a long-time resident of Tokyo and a property owner in Japan, Landedhas proven to be an invaluable asset. A comprehensive study of the intricacies of the Tokyo market, I found it not only extremely informative but also very readable; even entertaining. I haven’t seen anything else out there with this depth of information.”

Aiden Hopfner

Investment banker

“My wife and I were looking at an investment property in Tokyo, a city we know very well socially but not commercially. Christopher’s advice helped us avoid a mistake that could have cost us several hundred thousand dollars.”

David Armitage

Hong Kong

Landedis an essential reference for anyone buying real estate in Japan. It is unbiased and full of practical, up-to-date information. Even Japanese buyers can learn a lot from this book.”

Nobuo Takenaka

Chairman, Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.