Praise for Landed Global

“I strongly recommend Landed Global. In addition to covering a wide spectrum of questions, this useful guidebook offers an excellent research framework for anyone buying property across international borders.”

Mazen Salha

Chairman, Société des Grands Hotels du Liban (Hotel Phoenicia) Société Hoteliers Vendôme (Hotel Vendome)

“Landed Global is well written, thoroughly researched and essential reading for anyone thinking of buying international property.”

Ashley Osborne

Head of Residential UK & Managing Director of International Properties–Asia, Colliers International

“Landed Global offers a wealth of clear, practical advice for finding, buying and financing recreational, residential and investment property. It’s a great resource for minimizing the stress and headaches that can accompany an international property purchase.”

Steven Aldridge

Director, Cityscope Developments

“Landed Global is the single most comprehensive guide for buying a home abroad. Millions of miles of travel would not give you the wealth of knowledge in this book.”

Jun Homma

Deputy Editor, Nikkei Real Estate Market Report

“While the world is increasingly interconnected, the real estate market remains fragmented and thus difficult to understand. Landed Global provides prospective property owners with the knowledge to navigate through this challenging market.”

Ernst Herb

Asia Correspondent, Finanz und Wirtschaft

“If you are purchasing overseas property, Landed Global is a must read. It’s well written, easy to follow and bound to protect your interests and save you money.”

Craig Shute

Senior Managing Director, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, CBRE