Landed China 3D Cover

Key local knowledge you need to buy China real estate.

In Landed China, you’ll learn:

How to buy and renovate apartments and houses in China
The impact of chengzhongcun (urban villages), defective construction and expropriation on China real estate
How the one-child policy, shengnu ("leftover women") and rural migration affect demand for housing in China
The history of China property: Pre-1949; under central planning; and during the period of liberalization that began in 1978
About Beijing housing, including siheyuan (courtyard homes) and hutong culture
About Shanghai's unique lilong townhouses, shikumen stone gates and art deco apartments
About Guangzhou's historic xinguan houses, qilou buildings and 1930s-era Western villas
Why Shenzhen grew from 30,000 people in 1979 to 13 million today, and how that shaped the city's housing market
About China's legal system, including property rights, land leases and residency requirements under Circular 171
What motivates Mainland property buyers and how these drivers created the China real estate bubble
How to apply for a mortgage, buy "off the plan" and manage taxes and insurance in China
How non-Chinese people have successfully bought houses and apartments in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen
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Watch more on YouTube: Buying a home in China

Praise for Landed China

“Easy to read but packed with useful details, Landed China is a great reference for anyone with an interest in the Chinese real estate market. The historical and cultural background and actionable advice are especially valuable.”

Victor Yeung, CFA

Managing Director, Asia Pacific Securities, LaSalle Investment Management

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About the Author

Christopher Dillon portrait

Christopher Dillon is an award-winning writer and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong.

In 2002, he bought and renovated a floor in an office building in Hong Kong’s Central business district. Since then, he has purchased and refurbished a luxury apartment on the west side of Hong Kong Island and transformed a derelict steam laundry into a multimedia studio. He began investing in Japanese real estate in 2010 and has served on the management committee of a 210-unit apartment complex in Hong Kong since 2012.

That experience inspired four books: Landed Hong Kong (2008), Landed Japan (2010), Landed China (2013) and Landed Global—which includes case studies and data from more than 110 countries and territories—in 2014. A second edition of Landed Hong was published in 2015, and an expanded and revised edition of Landed Japan was released in 2018.

A native of Canada, Dillon lived in Tokyo from 1989 to 1992. He appears regularly in the international media, as both a contributor and a guest.



294 pages

155 × 217 mm

Published 2013

ISBN 978-988-17147-4-9