Making a statutory declaration

January 21, 2020—Today, I learned something about making a statutory declaration that could save you money. What is a statutory declaration? If you buy or sell international property, you may be asked to provide a statutory declaration of your address and other personal details. The declaration doesn’t prove that this information is accurate, just that […]

Canadian Social Insurance Number

July 22, 2014 — I obtained a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) for my son today in Ottawa. Along the way, I learned a few things that could be helpful for parents in a similar situation. First, a little background. I have lived outside Canada for more than two decades and my son was born […]

Detecting real estate BS artists

May 9, 2011 — Detecting real estate BS artists is one of the most valuable and useful skills that you can acquire as a property investor. John Reed, a U.S.-based  author and property investor, has assembled a Real Estate B.S. Artist Detection Checklist that is great place to start. While Reed’s checklist focuses on people […]