Landed Global in the Financial Times

October 5, 2014 — Landed Global is featured in the Financial Times in a three-part series. The stories, which are based on information from my new book, appeared in the House & Home section of the London newspaper in September and October 2014.

The first installment, The hidden online data that can help buyers find the right home, was published on September 19, 2014. This story highlights the online resources that can help you learn about a home, a neighborhood or a city before you buy.

The second story, The reality of buying a home abroad – cash, currencies and costs — appeared on September 26, 2014. This piece looks at the financial realities of buying  a home across international borders.

The final section, Legal lowdown on buying property and how laws of the land differ — was in the October 5, 2014, edition. This story examines how different legal regimes influence home ownership.

Note that these stories sometimes disappear behind the FT’s paywall.